transdimensional cash

1 GRANS = 10grans

Our ground-breaking ERC20 token features a conversion rate of 10x. 1 GRANS token equals 10grans, meaning if you hold 1,000 GRANS you have 100,000 10grans. This will redefine payments online, forever.

Limited supply low inflation, probably

There are exactly 15,000.00000000000000015 10grans tokens in existence, we accidentally didn't do math right, so 18 decimal places and broke it the first time. That's all we've minted. We probably won't mint anymore, so you can trust that the limited supply will lead to low inflation.

NO ICO. Powered by Ubiq.

Probably the only legitimate thing we have going for 10grans is that it's powered by Ubiq's enterprise blockchain. Ubiq is actually really solid and you can actually afford to make transactions on the chain instead of holding your gas for meme ico's. We have no ico because we accidentally forgot to build that part of the smart contract. In fact we forgot to remove the part that let's us forcibly move tokens after distribution, so we ended up just burning the master wallet - so we can't move things around in case things get crazy. The only way you can get 10grans is if you ask robek or moon or find an airdrop somewhere. We have no other way to distribute. Maybe it'll end up on an exchange someday though.

Contract address and Lexitoken.io

We're actually building a protocol to standardize cross-dApp token usage. So, I guess we'll make a card for 10grans eventually. That'll be cool. you can read about some of that here but anyways, 10grans is awesome.
contract: 0x0826180A4c981d5095Cb5c48BB2A098A44cf6f73
token name: 10grans | token symbol: GRANS
decimals: 18

you'll need a wallet, try pyrus.

tweet at@robek_world to get some 10grans. or hit me up on Ubiq or Lexitoken slack.


One time robek promised to give someone 10 grand but made a typo and that's how 10grans was born. good stuff, but rw is a man of her word so if I owe you 10grans please i'm begging you to hit me up.

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