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10grans is the FUN way to tell your friends "That's GRANS!"

Show your friends you appreciate them with jolly and easy tipping, or buy and trade digital collectibles with a few simple clicks.

How it works

How It Works

Economics is no longer the dismal science!


Mutually Interchangeable. Mutually Fun! Can exchange for all kinds of digital assets!

1 GRANS = 10grans

Our ground-breaking ERC20 token features a conversion rate of 10x. 1 GRANS token equals 10grans, meaning if you hold 1,000 GRANS you have 100,000 10grans.

Limited Supply

There are exactly 15,000.00000000000000015 10grans tokens in existence. That's all we've minted. We probably won't mint anymore, so you can trust that the limited supply will lead to low inflation.

Powered by Imagination

No ICO. No Presale. Pure possibilities. 10grans is all about what you can imagine it can do! The currency of ideas. The token of potential. The magic of childhood. 10grans can be all of this. No limits (except for supply).

Start having a GRANS ole time!

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Contract Information

contract: 0x0826180A4c981d5095Cb5c48BB2A098A44cf6f73
token name: 10grans | token symbol: GRANS
decimals: 18

More Info Soon

Bot invitations, Get Started Guides, Faucet, and Asset acquisition coming soon!